John Kaye was elected as a Greens member of the NSW Legislative Council in March 2007.

Before entering parliament, John taught and researched electrical engineering at the University of NSW where he specialised in sustainable energy and greenhouse issues. John obtained his PhD from the University of California Berkeley.

John is a strong advocate for public education, renewable energy , effective public services, consumer rights and securing a sustainable water supply.

JK Usyd Oweek Feb 14

John with students at the University of Sydney orientation week in February 2014

John also served as a volunteer, spokesperson, campaign coordinator, parliamentary policy adviser and candidate for the Greens NSW.

John’s portfolio areas include education, energy, treasury, consumer affairs, finance and services, water, hospitality gaming and racing, and health.

John is committed to the core principles of the Greens – social justice, grassroots democracy, ecological sustainability and non-violence.

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