• TAFE needs you….and your submission!
  • Submission guide for NSW govt’s review into Special Religious Education and Ethics Classes
  • CHOICE puts free-range reform back on the boil as Ministers consider federal standard
  • It’s crunch time: wires and poles bill before Upper House

Greens concern for Hunter TAFE Institute future

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The Greens NSW today launched their new campaign “Stop Privatisation Before it Stops TAFE” in the Hunter.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens NSW MP John Kaye are calling on the Federal Coalition and Labor parties to recognise that their contestable funding policies are destroying TAFE and preventing students from accessing affordable educational opportunities.

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Greens call on major parties to end TAFE privatisation agenda

Photo by Tony Grant

The Greens NSW today launched their new campaign “Stop Privatisation Before it Stops TAFE” in Armidale and Inverell.

Greens NSW MP John Kaye joined NSW Teachers Federation Organiser Kathy Nicholson to release the most recent enrolment data for the two New England TAFE Institute campuses.

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Baird government ignored warnings about radical religious activities in NSW public schools

150220_forced religion has no place in public schools

The Greens say the Baird government was warned months ago about the potential impacts of unregulated voluntary lunchtime activities of fundamentalist Christian groups in NSW public schools, but only decided to act after radical Islam became the problem.

“Preaching in playground: DET ‘ignored’ repeated warnings”, Newcastle Herald, 28 July 2015

“Govt ignored warnings about fundamentalist Christians”, Northern Rivers Echo, 29 July

Questions on notice to Education Minister on voluntary religious activities in NSW public schools

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TAFE needs you….and your submission!

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Time to tell the folks in Macquarie St what is on your mind

The Upper House of the NSW Parliament has established an inquiry into Vocational Education and Training. The Committee is currently calling for public submissions.

This is your opportunity to tell the parliament about the impacts of Smart and Skilled and how the competitive market has robbed TAFE of money, staff, courses, contact hours, support services and optimism about its future.

It is also an opportunity to argue for a secure future for public sector post-secondary education. [Read more…]

Submission guide for NSW govt’s review into Special Religious Education and Ethics Classes

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The NSW government has commissioned a review of the delivery of Special Religious Education (SRE, scripture) classes and the ethics alternative (SEE) in public schools. The Department of Education says it will “inform ongoing improvement of SRE and SEE for the Department and providers”.

This is an important opportunity to raise concerns about the delivery of scripture lessons, to highlight the value of ethics classes and to demand a greater level of transparency around SRE implementation.

Download a copy of the Greens NSW submission guide here or see below.

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Vulnerable apartment owners served up to big developers


Proposed changes to NSW’s strata title laws would see many elderly and vulnerable apartment owners turfed out of their homes to fatten up the profits of developers and other residents, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Innovation and Better Regulation Minister Victor Dominello released draft legislation yesterday that would allow a strata title to be terminated and the land and buildings sold or redeveloped even if up to 25 per cent of the owners objected. [Read more…]

ABC News 24: Panel discussion with John Kaye and John Roskam

Missed John on the ABC News 24 current events discussion on the weekend? You can catch it below instead!

Topics include: Bill Shorten and the Trade Unions Royal Commission, the Shenhua Watermark coal mine on the Liverpool Plains and the government boycott of Q&A.