Help protect greyhounds in NSW
Email the Premier and Racing Minister today!
Greens Save TAFE bill passes NSW Upper House
The Upper House of the NSW parliament added its voice to the growing opposition to the Baird government’s privatisation of the vocational education and training sector.
Support the Greens push to legalise medicinal cannabis
Responding to community pressure and leadership from the Greens, NSW Premier Mike Baird has given the green light for a private members bill for the compassionate use of medicinal cannabis.
Cleaning up NSW politics
The Greens are not prepared to let the state’s finances and environment be sacrificed to the get-rich-quick merchants who trade on their close relationships with government politicians and political parties.
Renewable NSW: Making it happen
A 100% renewable electricity sector is not only essential. It is possible and affordable. The Greens have a plan to make it happen in 15 years.
Speakers: Thomas, Linda Simon TAFE Community Alliance, John Kaye Greens NSW MP, Andrew Holland PSA, Pat Forward AEU, Maurie Mulheron NSWTF.

Notice of motion TAFE Cuts Legislative Council 9 September 2014

Notice of motion 9 September 2014 Dr Kaye to move: 1.That this House notes that a)      In less than four months the Smart and Skilled training market will commence and TAFE Institutes across NSW are preparing by shedding teachers and staff, consolidating courses and closing faculties; b)      On top of numerous previous restructures and downsizing […]

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