Stop factory farmed being called free-range
Take action to stop the Egg Corporation getting their intensive free-range standard made into law
Greens Save TAFE Campaign Plan B
The Greens are at the forefront of the campaign to stop TAFE from being destroyed under the Liberals and Nationals' Smart and Skilled policy.
Cleaning up NSW politics
The Greens are not prepared to let the state’s finances and environment be sacrificed to the get-rich-quick merchants who trade on their close relationships with government politicians and political parties.
Help protect greyhounds in NSW
Email the Premier and Racing Minister today!
Renewable NSW: Making it happen
A 100% renewable electricity sector is not only essential. It is possible and affordable. The Greens have a plan to make it happen in 15 years.
Stop the power sell-off
The Greens are the only political party in the NSW parliament that have consistently voted against power privatisation. We are working hard to stop the sell-off of the power stations and poles and wires to ensure the public maintains control over their energy future.
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Baird’s Infrastructure plan pushes discredited school privatisation models

The NSW Liberal-National government’s $20 billion pre-election cash-splash contains a number of nasty surprises for public education, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye. ‘New school designs, more private involvement in education, says Baird‘, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 November, page 5 Dr Kaye said: “This is a plan that privatises public education, overcrowds schools and […]

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Greens and Hospital staff unite to protest against land sell off

Greens MP and Health spokesperson John Kaye received a petition today of over 12,700 signatures against the government’s proposed transfer of Royal North Shore Hospital land. Doctors, nurses, patients and community members joined John at parliament house to protest the underhand tactics this government has used to push through their sell off plans. The sale […]

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Supermarkets no place for Lotto

NSW Lotteries owner Tatts Group are investigating opening up Lotto sales to supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths when the moratorium ends early next year. The changes will decimate many small business operators across the state and will create yet more opportunities for problem gamblers, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye. (more…)

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